Interested in soccer stamps ?

Making stamps is  type of hobby, and stamps collecting is another way to enjoy your fre time on better way. Making own stamps (rubber, foam, polymer or some other material) is primary topic of this blog, but I couldn't resist to make one short post about collecting stamps, so I suppose that my readers will be also interested in. I simply love soccer, and my attention can't ignore some great collectibles in this field.

As already said, I usualy write about making own stamps, or any other kind of personalized stamps, but this  time I decided to show You some soccer stamps. Again: I just love'em! Collect them! Hold them:) history of soccer stamps is not so rich, but it is very interesting, and can be funny if you  like to spend your free time on creative way.

For example here it socer stamp from Hungary, punblished 1966, it is not expencie, set is about $10-$15, I like it very much, soccer players on this stamp are like in fair tale.

This is modern, Portugal soccer stamp (year 2008) and You can buy this stmp for few buck, inexpensive too.

Next, also one of my favorites is Poland 1990 soccer stamp, can be treated like Italy 90 stamp.It is nice and very cheap since this stamp is printed in about 7 000 000 volume.

Then take a look at those two beautiful peaces from Ghana and Guinea with black soccer players, they are rare and I don't know exactly price bt I know they those soccer stamps are not very cheap, I mean on Ghana soccer stamp series, those from Guinea can be bought for $10-$12 on eBay.

Those beauties are from french 1938 and mexico:

I hope You like this small mixture of my favorite soccer stamps. I can write and post those stamps for a whole day because I am relay enjoy in this :)

I hope that my regular readers who are mostly interested in own postal stamps, will not be mad, because of this small interrupt with beauty stamps from world of soccer!

Make own stamp

Don't you just love when your dad marks all his professional as well as personal letters with his own stamp? Have you ever wished to have a rubber stamp of your own, with which you could mark all your personal items? Approaching your dad to get a rubber stamp made for you doesn't look too appealing, right! So, what to do now? Simple, make a rubber stamp of your own. Yes, you read that right. It is perfectly possible to create a stamp as a DIY project. In case you need any help in this regard, go through the following lines and find step-by-step instructions on how to make your own rubber stamps.

How To Create A Rubber Stamp

Supplies Needed for creating own rubber stamps

Rubber Eraser
Tracing Paper
Marker or Pen
Carving Tool, such as a craft knife
Small Block of Wood (slightly larger than eraser)
Rubber Cement

Instructions for stamp creating

First of all, you will have to decide on the pattern that you want to use on your rubber stamp. If none of the available templates appeal to you, you can draw one on your own.
You can also search the internet for likeable patterns. In case you like one, download it and save for future use.
In case you have the stamp pattern on paper, scan the image onto your computer. Now, use a photo editing program to create a mirror image of the pattern. If you use the image directly, it won't come out right as a stamp.
Now, place a sheet of tracing paper over the mirror image of your stamp and secure it with a tape, on the edges. This way, the papers will not move. Next, trace the pattern over the tracing paper.
Get the eraser and making use of the marker and the tracing paper, outline the pattern directly onto it.
In this step, you will have to decide on the part of the pattern that you want to be seen on paper. With the help of a marker, color in the rest of the eraser.
Making use of the carving tool, you have to cut away every part of the eraser that has been colored.
Turn over the eraser and spread rubber cement on its entire surface and then attach it to the center of the block of wood.
Keep the rubber stamp at a place where it is unlikely to be disturbed, to let it dry completely.
Your rubber stamp is now ready. You can use it to mark all your personal items.

Tips for rubber stamps creating

After every use, make sure to clean your stamp thoroughly and then let it dry completely, before storing again. This will help prevent cracking.
Always make use of a closed container to store the rubber stamp. It will prevent the eraser from becoming too dry.
When using rubber cement to stick the stamp pattern, make sure to be in a well-ventilated area, as the fumes may cause harm.

    Inexpensive own postal stamps

    There are numerous ways to make own stamps. There will be various, but inexpensive supplies used. For the most part, the stamp making is for adults, thought I've done all of the types described with children. Here are 2 ways to create own stamp, which will not look very professional, latter i will describe how to do this task with high quality results.

    Type I: Eraser Stamps - Any soft erasers can be used. There are specialty erasers sold in art supply stores, but any size cheap eraser can be used. (Avoid the school type pink rectangular ones, because they are very hard.) Taking a pencil designs your simple shape on the eraser. I.e. a star with a butter knife, Exacto knife, etc., leaving the star intact. When you stamp it, only the star will appear. Or you can dig away at the star and leave the eraser surrounding the star. When you stamp the area left will be the stamp color and the star will appear sans color. Some erasers are crumbly, so simply put a towel or paper on your work space to avoid making a mess. You can get a fair amount of detail when working with eraser stamps. 

    Type II: Potato Stamps - I, personally love making potato stamps. If you are working with a large class, it is a cheap and fun way to make stamps. Buy a handful of potatoes. Wash them, and dry them thoroughly. Cut them in half. If you want small stamps, cut them in quarters. For tiny stamps, cut them into eighths. You will be cutting on the "meat" of the potato, not the skin area. When you hold your stamp, try to hold it on an area with the skin, because it will help you get a better grip. For cutting into a potato stamp, you can use an Exacto knife, but you can also use items like wood BBQ skewers or even a pencil to engrave your stamp. Suprisings, many artists use potatos for printmaking. Make your design with your pencil and follow the same steps for cutting it out that you see above. If your hands become moist from the interior, make sure you dry your hands, and pat dry your potato, to avoid slippage. Before placing your stamp on the ink, firmly pat it dry to avoid making your stamp appear watery.

    Type III: if You want real own stamps that You want to use to send letter to friends, search blog I already wrote about that. Take look at great home made  pew bows how to, I suppose that people who love to create stamps, like to create other nice thigs like this one.

    In some of next post I will describe how to create own photo polymer (clay) stamps which have high quality and very professional look.

    Unique ideas for own postal stamps

    Unique ideas for creating own postal stamps.

    Create photo stamps for yourself or as a unique gift. Here are just a few of the cool ways you can use Photo Stamps! The own stamps ideas are endless. The results are priceless.

    Samples of what for custom stamps can be used for:

    Announce a wedding with style
    Holiday Themes- Make Christmas, Halloween, 4-th of July and more.
    A new baby in the family? Send an announcement with baby's photo on the stamp.
    Pet Pix- Always a favorite.
    Family Fun- Vacation photos ski trips together, even family portraits.
    Birthdays- having a party? Mail out invitations with photo stamps on them.
    Art-Drawings and paintings make great photo stamps.
    Nature photography- Zoo photos, wildflowers, wild animal.
    Landscapes- Scenic Landscape photography.
    Car Photos- Love your car or truck make it into a stamp.
    NFL Logo Stamps- Pick your favorite NFL teams logo.

    So as You can see it is not expensive and complicated to create own cheap postal stamps. I tried and it is good idea to send postage with your pet, love of your life or your beautiful daughter on stamps face. 

    Making own stamps can be also very interesting for companies and other business usage, because it is pretty impressive when you receive mail, and see stamp in form of logotype of sender. Like i said posibilites of personalized stamps are endless, no matter do you need for personal or business usage. In next post I will try to explain what is better and cheapest way to create and print them, or where you can do that at cheap price.

    Make your own stamps

    Why should create your own stamps ? You are asking  what the hell is "your own stamp" ?

    A personalized stamp is a own postage stamp to which a member of the community or some non-governmental entity can add a picture or photograph. This concept was initiated by the United States, on trial basis, for about six weeks.

    Since, its inception, personalized stamps were declared a success and an estimated 100,000 sheets or 2 million individual stamps were ordered in the first few weeks of the market test. The stamps that were produced during those weeks remain valid, according to some companies.

    Unfortunately, certain individuals pushed the scheme to its limits and personalized postage stamps were banned. Internet pranksters ordered stamps of controversial figures, which created opposition from various sections of the society. Hence, people could no longer use the images of their dogs, babies, and outlaws on the stamps. Following this ban photo stamps programs came to a standstill all over the U.S.

    If you want to make Your own stamps, good staring point where you can read how to create own stamps, and how to that stamps become official (used in post traffic) is Unated States Postal Service (USPS). It is important to avoid been scammed buying or creating own stamps on some other place, so once again, for US residents who want to design and use own postage stamp, real place to start from is official site of USPS. 

    For those who are interested in own rubber stamps or polymer (photo-polymer) stamps, procedure is similar (except that you are designing and printing you personal stamp on different way). 

    Companies that were printing personalized stamps had requested citizens to write to the US Postal service to renew the program of personalized stamps. Residents also wanted the personalized stamps to be back on the scene; hence, several handwritten mails and requests reached the U.S. Postal Service.
    The following year, the U.S.P.S. once again announced the legalization of personalized stamps; the second phase of the experiment commenced. The second phase was to be taken into consideration, but for one more year only. It was to be seen whether the second phase would get as much response as the earlier one. However, companies producing personalized stamps were taking extra measures to ensure that troublemakers did not get an opportunity to misuse the stamps again.
    The continuity of personalized postage stamps is a highly debatable topic. It is not sure whether personalized postage stamps would be in the market or not, in spite of them being preferred by a large section of people.

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