Inexpensive own postal stamps

There are numerous ways to make own stamps. There will be various, but inexpensive supplies used. For the most part, the stamp making is for adults, thought I've done all of the types described with children. Here are 2 ways to create own stamp, which will not look very professional, latter i will describe how to do this task with high quality results.

Type I: Eraser Stamps - Any soft erasers can be used. There are specialty erasers sold in art supply stores, but any size cheap eraser can be used. (Avoid the school type pink rectangular ones, because they are very hard.) Taking a pencil designs your simple shape on the eraser. I.e. a star with a butter knife, Exacto knife, etc., leaving the star intact. When you stamp it, only the star will appear. Or you can dig away at the star and leave the eraser surrounding the star. When you stamp the area left will be the stamp color and the star will appear sans color. Some erasers are crumbly, so simply put a towel or paper on your work space to avoid making a mess. You can get a fair amount of detail when working with eraser stamps. 

Type II: Potato Stamps - I, personally love making potato stamps. If you are working with a large class, it is a cheap and fun way to make stamps. Buy a handful of potatoes. Wash them, and dry them thoroughly. Cut them in half. If you want small stamps, cut them in quarters. For tiny stamps, cut them into eighths. You will be cutting on the "meat" of the potato, not the skin area. When you hold your stamp, try to hold it on an area with the skin, because it will help you get a better grip. For cutting into a potato stamp, you can use an Exacto knife, but you can also use items like wood BBQ skewers or even a pencil to engrave your stamp. Suprisings, many artists use potatos for printmaking. Make your design with your pencil and follow the same steps for cutting it out that you see above. If your hands become moist from the interior, make sure you dry your hands, and pat dry your potato, to avoid slippage. Before placing your stamp on the ink, firmly pat it dry to avoid making your stamp appear watery.

Type III: if You want real own stamps that You want to use to send letter to friends, search blog I already wrote about that. Take look at great home made  pew bows how to, I suppose that people who love to create stamps, like to create other nice thigs like this one.

In some of next post I will describe how to create own photo polymer (clay) stamps which have high quality and very professional look.