Interested in soccer stamps ?

Making stamps is  type of hobby, and stamps collecting is another way to enjoy your fre time on better way. Making own stamps (rubber, foam, polymer or some other material) is primary topic of this blog, but I couldn't resist to make one short post about collecting stamps, so I suppose that my readers will be also interested in. I simply love soccer, and my attention can't ignore some great collectibles in this field.

As already said, I usualy write about making own stamps, or any other kind of personalized stamps, but this  time I decided to show You some soccer stamps. Again: I just love'em! Collect them! Hold them:) history of soccer stamps is not so rich, but it is very interesting, and can be funny if you  like to spend your free time on creative way.

For example here it socer stamp from Hungary, punblished 1966, it is not expencie, set is about $10-$15, I like it very much, soccer players on this stamp are like in fair tale.

This is modern, Portugal soccer stamp (year 2008) and You can buy this stmp for few buck, inexpensive too.

Next, also one of my favorites is Poland 1990 soccer stamp, can be treated like Italy 90 stamp.It is nice and very cheap since this stamp is printed in about 7 000 000 volume.

Then take a look at those two beautiful peaces from Ghana and Guinea with black soccer players, they are rare and I don't know exactly price bt I know they those soccer stamps are not very cheap, I mean on Ghana soccer stamp series, those from Guinea can be bought for $10-$12 on eBay.

Those beauties are from french 1938 and mexico:

I hope You like this small mixture of my favorite soccer stamps. I can write and post those stamps for a whole day because I am relay enjoy in this :)

I hope that my regular readers who are mostly interested in own postal stamps, will not be mad, because of this small interrupt with beauty stamps from world of soccer!