Unique ideas for own postal stamps

Unique ideas for creating own postal stamps.

Create photo stamps for yourself or as a unique gift. Here are just a few of the cool ways you can use Photo Stamps! The own stamps ideas are endless. The results are priceless.

Samples of what for custom stamps can be used for:

Announce a wedding with style
Holiday Themes- Make Christmas, Halloween, 4-th of July and more.
A new baby in the family? Send an announcement with baby's photo on the stamp.
Pet Pix- Always a favorite.
Family Fun- Vacation photos ski trips together, even family portraits.
Birthdays- having a party? Mail out invitations with photo stamps on them.
Art-Drawings and paintings make great photo stamps.
Nature photography- Zoo photos, wildflowers, wild animal.
Landscapes- Scenic Landscape photography.
Car Photos- Love your car or truck make it into a stamp.
NFL Logo Stamps- Pick your favorite NFL teams logo.

So as You can see it is not expensive and complicated to create own cheap postal stamps. I tried and it is good idea to send postage with your pet, love of your life or your beautiful daughter on stamps face. 

Making own stamps can be also very interesting for companies and other business usage, because it is pretty impressive when you receive mail, and see stamp in form of logotype of sender. Like i said posibilites of personalized stamps are endless, no matter do you need for personal or business usage. In next post I will try to explain what is better and cheapest way to create and print them, or where you can do that at cheap price.